What is GRP Water Tank?

■ Installation Example

If tanks for two different uses are needed in a confined area or boiler room,
a 16 ton partition type tank can be installed to use half for deinking water,
and half for service water.

If separate tanks are installed, however, you have to installed two tanks with
maximum of 12 tons, because you need to have 2 meter distance between tanks
for maintenance and operating space.


■ Feature

☞ Utilizing Maximum Capacity

It is recommended to eliminate unusable space and utilize
the maximum space by the installing a partition tank.

☞ Various uses

If partition type tanks are installed, one tank can be used for
drinking water and the other tank for service water(fire fighting)

☞ Easy maintenance

It is convenient for maintenance because tanks can be installed
as one unit.

☞ Cost Effectiveness

The cast and installation of 1 partition tank is more economic
than 2 separate tanks.


■ Partition Panel

Perfect structure with various partition panels.