GRP Manhole

Products Introduction

DEAWOO CONBIL Co.,Ltd composite manhole cover is made of DEAWOO CONBIL(Sheet Molding Compound).
DEAWOO CONBIL is a fibre-reinforced material, which consists primarily of a thermosetting resin glass fibres
and filler.
DEAWOO CONBIL is a high tech material that is used in the manufacturing process in most of our products ranges.
The advantage of DEAWOO CONBIL include, high impact compressive, flexural and tensile strength along with
temperature stability


Shape : Square

Safety Load : Over 23.500kgf / 23.5Ton



Shape : Rectancular

Safety Load : Over 23.500kgf / 23.5Ton




Electric power pipeline well , Low voltage Joint Box Cover for underground line

Telecommunication pipeline well

Street lamp well, fire control well, all kinds of valve wells.

City water, drainage pipeline well , heat supplied, gas well.




Environmental protection : non-toxicity raw material ,

Long Life : uV Coating, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-abrasion,

Competitive price : lower than standard cast iron one.

Convenient transportation and installation reduce work intensity.

Nice appearance : Rich colors and customer desire text or
company log are available

Anti-theft : Non-recycle value for anti-theft.

Low noise.

Slip Resistant Surface.

Easy Handling No Heavy.

Secure, Lockable & Watertight Cover.

Quick & Easy Assembly.


Product & Testing



Certificated & Testing



ASTM G 53 (1991)

ANSI C29.11(1989)

KSM6616 : NBR Packing