Super Hygienic


※ Hygienic DEAWOO CONBIL Panel

It is possible to make the GRP panels in a variety of colours. In most cases,
however, this Type of tank is installed in the open, exposed to direct sunlight.
If the GRP panels are Transparent, the growth of algae and other
micro-organisms would be accelerated.

DEAWOO CONBIL has adopted panel to minimize this problem, completely opaque and
does not permit the passage of any light through it.

A typical problem with steel tanks has always been the high thermal
conductivity and expansion of coefficient of steel.
These characteristics can cause loosening of the panel connecting bolts
in areas of wide temperature change.


Various Capacity

Sizes adaptable to any needs

From small tanks to large, DEAWOO CONBIL panel can fit virtually any order.
Tank sizes are selectable to fit each need and desire,
DEAWOO CONBIL tank can be installed to Handle from 0.25(㎥) up to NO LIMIT !



Various sized panels can make the below tanks that utilize the most horizontal &
perpendicular space and also can be used as home use small tanks & Big ones.


Safety of Water Pressure

The water pressure created by filling the tank seals the joints preventing leakage
In other type tanks, water pressure can open the joints breaking the seal, Water to leak out.
and allowing the storedWater to leak out.

▶ Hydrostatic Test
In accordance with SS245:1995 Specification for
Glass Reinforced Polyester Sectional Water Tank.

* Test Pressure : ghp × 6 = 2.4bar
(9.81 × 4 × 1,000 ×) / 10.6

Excellent Insulation

The heat insulation panel with 3 layer structure Improve heat insulation effect,
protects water condensation on the outside of the tank and minimizes
temperature variation of the stored water.



Water Tightness

The joints are sealed with a special sealing tape especially developed for
DEAWOO CONBIL TANK with long experience and technology on DEAWOO CONBIL products.

It maintains soft itself and adhesives even at low temperature.

The combined flange thickness at the panel joints is sufficient to meet
any stress imposed.
This self sealing feature eliminates the possibility of separation and hence
prevents leakage of the tank.


Complete Drainage

The convex bottom panels with can cave draind panel system
make sure complete and fast drainage.
It’s very useful to take a maintenance inside of water tank.